Lifeline Bell County

Mission Statement

Providing faith based non-residential support group ministries throughout our communities for those and their families that are facing life-controlling issues.   


Director: Hershel Belcher

Phone: (606)337-3165


Hours: Support Groups- Tuesday at 6pm

Men’s Jail Ministry – Tuesday at 6:30pm

Women’s Jail Ministry – Monday at 2pm

Address: 980 Old Bell High Road Pineville Ky


Services Provided

-Support Services

-Jail Ministry

-Drug and Alcohol Prevention

-Mentoring Program



Back in January, I had to go through the hardest time in my life.  I was raised up right.  I went to church and I knew right from wrong.  It had been about 4 years since I went to church.  I meant to go but it always seemed like something came up and I didn’t.  Anyway, my life seemed like it was so hard.  I wasn’t happy.  I was always struggling.  Things just kept getting worse.  I didn’t even pray anymore because I honestly thought God didn’t hear me anyway.   I got into some trouble over this prescription medicine that I had been taking for 3 years that I had developed a problem with and that I probably never even really needed to begin with.  The judge made me serve 28 days.  That was 28 days away from my two children, my whole family and with no privileges with other girls who had been in  trouble.  Jail is an awful place to be.  At first I was mad and it was everyone’s fault but mine.  Then I was so sad and I thought I’d lose my mind if they didn’t let me out of that little room.  Only I was afraid to face people.  I knew they were saying terrible things about me.   I mean I felt terrible things about myself.  No one could say or think anything about me that I hadn’t already.  I’d let my kids down, my husband, my mom & dad and I had let myself down.  I was just about as low as I could go when  the door opened right before lunch.  It was a guard and she was handing out these brown paper bags.  I got mine and opened it.  There was lotion, hand soap and other handy little things for us who didn’t have them.  Then I turned my bag over and read what was on the front.  It was a bible verse and I can’t remember exactly what it said at this time but I kept it and took it home with me.  It was saying that when you feel so alone and lost to call on God because he always heard you and he never gives up on you no matter what you think you’ve done.  I automatically felt better.   It answered everything I had been questioning or feeling.  I sat down on my bunk and prayed and cried to Jesus & God.  Now I’m not lost anymore.  I feel confident and strong.  The other 18 days that I had left went by pleasantly.  I forgave myself.  I’ve not been this happy in a long time.  I feel like a good mom again.  My husband and I have never been this happy.  I thank God everyday that I have one more day.  The judge had also gave me 25 hours of community service in which I thought I’d hate.  Then I found out it was for the Lighthouse Mission, who had sent the bag and my bible verse.  I’m happy to do my service here.  The people are so nice.  The 1st day I was there, we went over to the church and they prayed for strength for me to stay strong.  I thank God for the Lighthouse Mission Center.  Thank you all so much.  Without my bible verse that day, I might still be lost.  Thank you so much.”


32 years old


Jail Ministry Needs

-Travel size shampoo and conditioner

-Travel size lotion



-Travel size toothpaste


-All hygiene items