In 1998, the Trinity Pentecostal Lighthouse Church started  a

Mission Outreach within a couple small rooms above the church

filling them with food and clothing to help those in need.  Over the

next two years the outreach grew and we were serving over five

thousand people.

In 2000, we were blessed with three buildings throughout the

community but, it became more difficult to manage and assist

families due to the distance in the location of the buildings.  But, the

number of people were still increasing and we needed more space in

one location.  In January 2001,  Bro. Darrell  Lowe shared with the

church of fifty-three members a vision God had show him of a

building within fifty yards of the church and said to proclaim it and it

would be ours to do Gods work .

We stepped out on faith believing God to meet every need

because we had no money and knowing that we serve a big God

and through him all things are possible.  On September 11, 2001 God

blessed us with a six thousand square foot building and that is

when the Lighthouse Mission Center was established.  The Center

continues  assisting families with food boxes, clothing, daily

hygiene, cleaning supplies and furniture. In 2002,  We were blessed

to start a Distribution Center assisting other churches,

organizations, schools and other agencies in the tri-state area that

would allow them to help feed and clothe families in their community

that was unable to come to the Center.

On  November 25, 2003 God blessed us to open a Soup Kitchen

and Dining Room to serve families hot meals and reach out to the

children and their famiies by providing games, carnival and puppet

ministries.  January of 2004 we are blessed to take care packages to

the Jail Ministry  with Christian Pamphlets and bibles each month.

In August 2004, we were blessed to open a free Medical Clinic to

assist those with medical  and dental needs that are unable to

financially provide themselves with the means to pay for these

services. This has been such a blessing for our community and the

needs are very great in our area. In January of 2005 the ministry was

blessed to open Lifeline a Christian Faith-Based program for those

and their families that are facing  life controlling issues such as drug

, alcohol , anger, gambling  ETC..

Our Center and Clinic is 501-C 3  non-profit organization and is

staffed by volunteer board members and staff,with willing hearts to

serve others. The Mission Center and Clinic has been blessed with

many services to reach out and meet the needs in our community

and to show them Gods love and compassion by meeting their

physical needs then being able to share the good news of Christ.

This work wouldn’t be possible without our partners in this

ministry.  We have been blessed with churches and organization

throughout the United States that have come to work at the mission

and renovate our facility.